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Technics SL-1400 Mark II turntable, service manual, English language edition, with supplement insert
Near mint condition

Genuine original Technics SL-1400 Mark II quartz locked semi-automatic direct drive turntable service manual, English language edition, with supplement insert. This publication is essential for maintainence and service of this high end audiophile turntable. This service publication is approximately 30 years old.

This very rare publication is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's product service publication, sold as is, in described condition below.

This is a 14 sheet / 26 page (including all multi-fold, fold out oversized sheets and loose supplement insert sheet) monochrome service manual, with 25 pages of printed content. Printed in Japan.

This publication includes, but may not necessarily be limited to, the following major content sections:

* Specifications listing, complete
* Technical features summary
        * High torque quartz locked direct drive motor
        * Low wow and flutter and rumble characteristics
        * Highly sensitive gimbal suspension tonearm
        * Performance characteristics graphs - Direct drive motor acceleration, load torque and speed drift
* Cross sectional drawing
* Main parts identification and location
* Cabinet disassembly procedure
* Operational instructions, summary
        * Playback and tonearm cueing
        * Auto return switch
        * Auto return lead out trigger position adjustment
        * Arm lift height adjustment
        * Tone arm height adjustment
        * Pitch adjustment
* Circuitry adjustments / calibration
* Schematic diagram, complete (See item photo)
* Printed circuit board maps, complete (See item photo)
* System block diagram
* Service / diagnostic flow chart
* Voltage / waveform reference, all IC pins
* Exploded views, complete
* Parts reference tables, complete
* Supplementary update insert sheet, 1 sheet / 1 page, part number update advisory  (See item photo, background)

* Near mint condition overall
* Folds and creases - very minor to none sigificant, across all pages. One 2-fold oversized sheet with a single vertical full height crease running along factory fold mark.
* 5-hole punched near spine area
* Markings - none, except for several minor ball point pen markings on one page