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Panasonic DVD-RV32P / DVD-RV32PC DVD region 1 player, service manual, with supplements
Japan manufactured versions

Genuine original Panasonic DVD-RV32P / DVD-RV32PC region 1 (Canada / USA) DVD player Japan manufactured version service manual, English language edition, with two supplement publications. Confirm that the country of manufacture of the actual DVD player to be used with this service manual set, is Japan, by inspecting the back panel of the DVD-RV32 player. All region one versions of the DVD-RV32 player made in Japan will be either the P or PC sub-version.

These products are currently discontinued models. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's product service publication, sold as is, in described condition below.

Published by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.

This document set contains the following publications for the DVD-RV32P / DVD-RV32PC Japan manufactured version:

* Service manual, 52 sheets, 104 pages, including all covers
* Supplement 1 - Optical pickup self-diagnosis / replacement procedures, self-diagnosis and service modes, 6 sheets, 12 pages
* Supplement 2 - General part changes update, 2 sheets, 3 pages

* Mint condition / Immaculate
* Folds and creases - none significant. All pages fully intact to the best of knowledge with reasonable effort of inspection.
* Markings - there are no handwriting or other markings on any pages, to the best of knowledge and inspection.