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TASCAM ATR-60 series professional open reel deck, original brochure

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Genuine original TASCAM ATR-60 series professional open reel decks brochure. This publication covers in-depth design and features description with full specifications listing of all model sub-variants of the ATR-60 series product line.

This very rare brochure is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's product publication, sold as is, in described condition below. Perfect for complimenting the actual equipment, or for adding to a brochure collector's archives.

This is a 8 sheet 16 page colour brochure. Printed in Japan.

This publication covers the following TASCAM ATR-60 series model sub-variants:

Quarter inch tape
* ATR-60-2D, 2-track / half-track, 2-channel open reel deck, DIN standard compliant
* ATR-60-2N, 2-track / half-track, 2-channel open reel deck, NAB standard compliant
* ATR-60-2T, 2-track / half-track, 2-channel open reel deck, centre track time code format

Half inch tape
* ATR-60-2HS, 2-track, 2-channel open reel deck, 30 ips tape speed
* ATR-60-4HS, 4-track, 4-channel open reel deck, 30 ips tape speed
* ATR-60-8, 8-track, 8-channel open reel deck, 30 ips tape speed

System controllers
* AQ-65 tape deck remote controller / locator
* RC-65 tape deck remote controller

Tape deck racks / consoles
* CS-702 rack console
* CS-704 rack console
* CS-65 rack console

This publication includes (but may not be limited to) the following photographs / illustrations:
* Deck top panel view (See item photo top left inset)
* Deck inner mechanicsm front panel view (See item photo top right inset)
* Head block area close up view (See item photo bottom left inset)
* ATR-60 series, model sub-variants line up, rack mounted (See item photo bottom right inset)
* Front panel controls close up
* Rear panel connectors close up
* System control logic block diagram
* System remote controllers / locators front panel view

* Excellent condition in general
* Folds and creases - moderate across page, top and bottom left corner soft bending
* Markings - none