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Sony WM-D3 Professional series Walkman portable cassette deck

This Sony WM-D3 Professional series portable Walkman Compact Cassette deck is being sold as a non-functional unit for the purpose of serving as a source of spare parts for other Sony WM-D3 cassette deck units. As many of the parts in this unit were costly and are now impossible to obtain from the manufacturer due to complete discontinuation of manufacturing of all spare parts for this product model, this spare parts unit is most useful for those that are seeking such a unit as a parts source with a relatively high degree of confidence of the parts condition for various sections of this unit.

Physical, casing body - Good to very good condition in general. There is some wear-off of the black finish on some edges of the metallic casing. However, all of these rub offs have been touched up to blend with the original finish and therefore such wear is not casually noticeable. There is rub-off of the red circle printed on the record button. All buttons, sliders, rotary knobs are present. All other cosmetic parts are otherwise clean and in very good to excellent condition.

Physical, head block components - Excellent condition. All head surfaces and tape path components, including tape guides, capstan and pinch roller, are in immaculately clean condition. Close inspection reveals no visible wear grooves on any of the recording / playback and erase head core contact surfaces.

Physical, motor block components - Near mint to mint condition. All components in the drive system, including the capstan motor, capstan flywheel and flywheel FG (frequency generator) core are fully functional.

Electrical - The electronics sections of this deck is complete as the deck was originally.

- The transport module has essentially all key components intact. The main gear cam with its plastic outer gear ring, is fractured - a common problem with this particular component on this cassette deck. As a result, the main cam gear is in unuseable condition and affects the function and reliabilty of fast wind (fast forward, rewind) modes on this transport.

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* Sony WM-D3 portable Compact Cassette deck only, no further items are included

This is a sale of a pre-owned and non-functional audio Compact Cassette tape deck for the purpose of usage as a spare parts source, sold as is in above described condition, without further warranty or liability or guarantees of performance of any parts used or stripped from this unit when installed in other equipment of the same or different model / typeThis sale is final. No returns, no refund, no exceptions.

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