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Sony TCD-D3 DAT deck, service and operational theory manual, English language edition, RARE

Genuine original Sony TCD-D3 portable DAT deck service and operational theory manual, English language edition. This is an essential publication absolutely critical for complete reference of technical and operational theory details of the design and operational principles of this complex DAT deck, in order to realize proper servicing and maintenance in conjunction with the initially released Sony TCD-D3 DAT deck service manual (which is not included in this sale and to be acquired separately by the buyer), which has none of the of technical information included in this TCD-D3 operational principles and theory manual.

This very rare manual is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's product service publication, sold as is, in described condition below.

This is a 49 sheet / 98 page (including all cover sheets) monochrome service and operational theory manual. Printed in Japan.

This publication includes, but may not necessarily be limited to, the following major topics:

* System and design overview
        * Digital data encoding format summary
        * Key features summary
* DAT physical track format implementation
        * DAT recording modes specifications table / comparision
        * Head drum diameter / tracking compatibility
* System overview
* Circuitry description
        * Audio signal processing, A to D, D to A, direct digital transfer
        * Servo systems - head drum, capstan, reel tables
        * System block diagram, complete
        * Power supply circuitry  (See item photo)
                * Power supply block diagram
                * DC-DC converter schematic
                * Power source detector
* Digital audio processing
        * Digital audio processor IC, functional summary
        * Digital audio processor IC, block diagram
        * Digital signal flow, recording and playback modes
        * RF module, block diagram
* Transport control
        * Transport control IC
        * Main transport components
        * Transport mode encoder / detector states, positions and timing
                * Cassette loading / eject cycle states
                * Transport mode control motor states
                * Transition timing between all mechanical modes - 12 mode transitions total
        * Start ID auto write
        * Tape end detection handling
        * Capstan motor control and mode transition sequencing - 16 control sequences total
        * System error modes and detection
* Servo system theory
        * Servo system overview, with block diagram
        * Rotary head drum specifications comparision - 30 mm versus 15 mm diameter
        * Servo sensor amplifier IC, operation and IC pin-outs
        * Rotary drum servo, block diagram and timing charts
        * Capstan motor servo, block diagram and timing chart
        * ATF (Auto track find) servo
                * General theory
                * Block diagram
                * LP mode, NT (non-tracking) playback data read
                * ATF auto gain control
                * Rotary heads track tracing paths against recorded helical tracks
        * Search mode servo
        * RF envelope servo
* Transport module
        * Key transport components illustration
        * DAT insertion and ejection cassette compartment action 
        * Transport components mechanical action, mode transitions - 7 mode transitions total (See item photo)

* Near mint to mint condition
* Folds and creases - none significant, across all pages. Very slight wear at top 1 cm of spine outer surface.
* 5-hole punched near spine area
* Markings - none
* Stored in cool, low humidity environment away from heat, sunlight and smoke
* Carefully handled with clean hands and gentle page flipping / turning when possible