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Sony CDP-101 Compact Disc player / RM-101 remote control transmitter, service manual
English language edition

Genuine original Sony CDP-101 Compact Disc player and Sony RM-101 infrare remote control transmitter service manual, English language edition. This printed publication is essential for maintainence and service of this Compact Disc player which had the historic distinction of being Sony's first consumer grade CD player. This manual set consists of a two volume set.

This service publication is approximately 29 years old. This very rare publication is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's product service publication, sold as is, in described condition below.

This is a 52 sheet / 104 page (including all multi-fold, fold out oversized sheets) monochrome service manual. Printed in Japan.

This publication is applicable to the following Sony products:
* Sony CDP-101 Compact Disc player
* Sony RM-101 remote control transmitter handset (for CDP-101 Compact Disc player)

This publication includes, but may not necessarily be limited to, the following major content sections:

CDP-101 Compact Disc player
* Specifications listing, complete
* Service precautions
* System features summary
* Product sub-models identification
* Components handling precautions - laser optical block, semi-conductors
* Service procedures  / diagnosis service bench physical set up
* Internal components location overview
* User operating instructions, abridged
* System block diagram
* Disassembly procedures
* Mechanical adjustments / calibrations (See item photo)
* Electrical adjustments / calibrations
* Schematic diagram, complete (See item photo)
* Printed circuit board maps, complete
* Pin configuration annotations, semi-conductors / integrated circuit modules
* Exploded views, complete, with parts reference

RM-101 infrared wireless remote control transmitter handset
* Specifications listing, complete
* User operating instructions, abridged
* Disassembly procedure
* Circuits description / Integrated circuit pinout description & data states
* Timing diagrams / waveforms, and logic states
* Schematic diagram, complete
* Printed circuit board map, complete
* Exploded views, complete, with parts reference

* Excellent to near mint condition
* Folds and creases - very minor to none significant, across all pages, very minor lower corner creasings penetrating most pages, very minor right edge tears (less than 2 mm long) on first two sheets.
* 5-hole punched near spine area
* Markings - none
* Stored in cool, low humidity environment away from heat, sunlight and smoke
* Carefully handled with clean hands and gentle page flipping / turning when possible