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Pioneer CLD-91 / CLD-3070 / CLD-2070 / CLD-1070, LD-870 Laserdisc player
Service technical training / reference manual

Publisher: Pioneer Electronics of Canada, Inc.
Publication date: 1990.05

Pioneer Laserdisc player service technical training reference manual, English language edition. This Pioneer published and distributed technical document was for the purpose of non-public distribution, for internal use by authorized Pioneer technicians and service personnel as training and service reference, for various early 1990 Pioneer Laserdisc multi-disc format optical disc player models. This publication is particularly valueable to readers who are involved in technical maintenance, servicing or are seeking in-depth technical knowledge and reference material for the particular Pioneer Laserdisc players covered.

This publication includes, in its own section, a large set of technical drawings and system block diagrams to be used in conjunction with the topics discussed in this technical document, and makes reference to parts and components of these product models. When this publication is used in conjunction with the individual service manuals (not included in this sale and to be acquired separately) of these product models, this technical reference is especially useful as a training reference guide in understanding the workings of these optical disc players. This publication is highly technical. Some basic knowledge and understanding of optical disc player principles in both audio and video applications, and basic audio and video electrical principles will greatly enhance the value of this technical document to the reader.

This publication was originally duplicated by Pioneer Electronics of Canada in-house, in photocopied form, for internal distribution to technical personnel for training and reference applications.

This very rare manual is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's product service training publication, sold as is, in described condition below. Perfect for technical personnel or owner's of Pioneer optical disc players covered by this manual. who require such a manual for furthering technical knowledge and documentation.

This is a 58 sheet / 116 printed pages, monochrome service technical training reference manual.
Printed in Canada.

The publication sold in this item listing is printed on standard letter size (8.5 inch by 11 inch) paper. All pages are in loose, unbinded form. A clear sheet binder is highly recommended for filing this document.

This publication covers the following Pioneer product models:
* Pioneer Elite CLD-91, multi-disc format optical disc player, Laserdisc, Compact Disc Audio, Compact Disc Video
* Pioneer CLD-3070, multi-disc format optical disc player, Laserdisc, Compact Disc Audio, Compact Disc Video
* Pioneer CLD-2070, multi-disc format optical disc player, Laserdisc, Compact Disc Audio, Compact Disc Video
* Pioneer CLD-1070, multi-disc format optical disc player, Laserdisc, Compact Disc Audio, Compact Disc Video
* Pioneer LD-870, Laserdisc optical disc player, industrial grade

This service / technical publication includes (but may not be limited to) the following content sections:

[A] Technical training and reference
This portion is 35 sheets, 70 pages, double-side printed
[1] CLD-3070, CLD-2070, CLD-91 Laserdisc player models

* Introduction
* Design overview
* Alpha turn optical mechanism / Dual centering disc clamp
* Optical pick up assembly
        * Laser diode and grating lens
        * Half mirror
        * Optical Electro IC
        * Collimator lens and reflective mirror
        * Objective lens
        * Concave lens
        * Photodiode array and head amplifiers
        * Laser pick up troubleshooting
* Focus, tracking, slider, tilt, height servo systems
        * Focus servo control
        * Focus start up
        * Focus lock
        * Focus tracking servo emergency mode
        * Tracking servo
        * Tracking error signal path
        * Advanced phase and zero crossover detection
        * Single track skip
        * Slow / medium speed scan with track skip
        * Eccentricity detection
        * Slider servo
        * Tilt servo
        * Tilte servo error signal path
        * Height servo for alpha turn mechanism
* Video processing
        * Time base correction
        * Video noise reduction, mixing, Y/C separation
        * Digital video memory
        * Conversion to digital video
        * Video memory write
        * Video memory read
        * Composite sync restoration
        * Phase shift
        * Final stage video processing
* CLD-91 Elite Laserdisc player
        * Digital video memory
        * Colour drop out compensation
        * Digital time base correction
* Time base correction
        * Horizontal error detection
        * Burst phase error detection
        * Reference shift spindle control
        * Trapezoid start-stop generation
        * Reference shift detection
* Spindle servo start up / runaway detection
        * Carrier frequency detection
        * CLV mode duty pulse generation
* Audio processing
        * Digital audio processing circuitry
        * Asymetric tracking compensator
        * Digital decoder
        * Phase locked loop
        * CLV mode servo
        * Jitter absorption through RAM
        * Digital filtering
        * Digital to analogue conversion
        * VCXO control during LDD playback
* System control
        * Disc type detection
        * Laser pick up limit switches
        * Height servo status switches
        * Test / Service mode operation
        * Service mode on-screen display

[2] CLD-1070, LD-870 Laserdisc player models
* Focus servo
        * Focus error signal path
        * FZC / FOK signal generation
        * Focus start up
* Tracking servo
        * Tracking signal path
        * Mirror signal generation
        * Track skip control
* Slider servo
* Tilt servo
* Time base correction
        * Horizontal error detection
        * Burst error detection
        * Total time base error
        * Spindle drive generation
        * Gain control
        * Spindle start up

[3] Troubleshooting

[4] Technical diagram index, see section [B] below

[B] Technical diagrams
This portion is 23 sheets, 46 pages, double side printed
Content in this section are referred to by the technical training and reference portion of this publication.

* Pioneer Laserdisc model reference, by year, from 1977 to 1989, consumer and industrial models
* Block diagrams, electrical
* Cross sectional drawings, disc transport and optical pick up components
* Electrical sub-system timing diagrams
* Logic circuitry state tables
* Integrated circuitry block diagrams
* System logic flow charts
* Service mode on-screen display

* Mint condition
* Folds and creases - none significant across all pages.
* Markings - none

* Delivery format - Unbinded sheets, double side printed, letter size (8.5 inch by 11 inch)
* Stored in cool, low humidity environment away from heat, sunlight and smoke
* Carefully handled with clean hands and gentle page flipping / turning when possible