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Mitsubishi HS-U69 S-VHS video cassette recorder, service manual

Genuine original Mitsubishi HS-U69 S-VHS (Super-VHS) NTSC format video cassette recorder service manual, English edition. This service manual set contains several sections of content, some of which are in large oversized, multi-fold sheets. See item photo below.

This rare manual is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's product service publication, sold as is, in described condition below. Perfect for owner's of this high performance Super-VHS video cassette recorder who require such a manual for long term maintenance, tuning, calibration and service of this unit..

This is a service manual. Printed in Japan.

This service / technical publication consists of the following content sections all combined in a single bound volume:

Service manual - standard sized sheets
This content portion is 36 sheets / 72 pages (including all covers) with 68 pages of printed content.
* Full product specification listing
* Service precautions and preparations
* Disassembly procedures
* Electrical adjustments / calibration procedures, complete
* VHS tape transport module, mechanical service, adjustments / calibration procedures, complete
* Exploded diagrams - System casing, cosmetic parts, product packaging
* Parts list reference - System casing, cosmetic parts, product packaging
* Parts list reference - Printed circuit boards, all components, complete

Service manual - Multi-fold oversized sheets
This content portion is 12 oversized sheets, mixed single sided and double sided printing.
* Exploded diagrams - VHS tape transport module
* Parts list reference - VHS tape transport module
* System circuitry block diagrams
        * Video circuitry
        * Audio circuitry
        * System control circuitry
        * Video head drum and capstan motor servo circuitry
* Connection diagram - all printed circuit boards
* Schematic diagrams - all printed circuit boards, complete
* PCB maps - all printed circuit boards, complete

* Near mint condition / Immaculate
* Folds and creases - very minor to none significant, across all pages. All pages fully intact to the best of knowledge with reasonable effort of inspection.
* Markings - there are no handwriting or other markings on any pages, to the best of knowledge and inspection. Some minor scuff marks on surfaces of both cover sheets, from normal handling and storage