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Studer A-800 professional multi-track open reel deck, original brochure
Bilingual German and English language edition

Genuine original Studer A-800 professional grade multi-track 3-direct drive motor, quartz locked direct drive capstan, open reel deck brochure. The Studer A-800 open reel deck series accomodated up to 14 inch reel capacity with transport configurations supporting any two tape speeds from 7.5 ips to 30 ips tape speed on 1 and 2 inch tape widths, accomodating 8, 16 and 24 track configurations. This publication contains in depth design and features description, along with full specifications listing for these product series.

This extremely rare brochure is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's product publication, sold as is, in described condition below. Perfect for complimenting the actual equipment, or for adding to a brochure collector's archives.

This is a 12 sheet / 24 page colour (outer covers) and monochrome (inner pages) brochure. Printed in Switzerland.

This publication covers the following Studer product models:
* A800-8, 8-track, 8-channel, 3-direct drive motor quartz locked capstan open reel tape deck, 1 inch tape
* A800-16, 16-track, 16-channel, 3-direct drive motor quartz locked capstan open reel tape deck, 2 inch tape
* A800-24, 24-track, 24-channel, 3-direct drive motor quartz locked capstan open reel tape deck, 2 inch tape

This publication includes (but may not necessarily be limited to) the following content sections:
* Product overview
* Transport module design / features
        * Key transport elements
        * Transport servo systems
        * Transport functions and servos
* Audio processing circuitry
        * Playback amplifier
        * Channel circuit boards
        * Master oscillator circuitry
        * Audio level meter display and drive circuitry
        * Master panel controls
        * Audio master controls
        * Time code channel display
* Editing - electronic, manual and electronically pre-programmed
* Remote control / auto locator console
* System configurations and options
* Full and extensive specifications listing, all model variants, 2 page section

This publication includes, but may not be limited to, the following images and illustrations:
* Tape deck front and top panel, multiple views
* Inner circuitry, multiple views
* Tape transport area close up views
* Tape transport block diagram illustration
* Quartz locked PLL capstan servo block diagram illustration
* Reel drive motor outer and bearing cross-sectional views
* Audio circuitry block diagrams
* Oscillator block diagram
* Audio level meter display panel view
* Remote control / auto locator console top view
* Dimensional line drawing illustrations

* Near mint condition
* Folds and creases - very minor to none significant, across all pages, minor to very minor edge creasings on cover sheets
* Markings - none