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Pet Shop Boys - 4 VHS video title bundle - Immaculate condition


This is an auction of a video bundle of a set of four of Pet Shop Boys' most in demand video releases, titled Television, Higlights, Performance and Videography. All VHS NTSC tapes are in near mint condition from a private collector's library, handled and stored with care and owned by one original owner, purchased new. All titles are now out of print.

Save on shipping charges by purchasing this set of 4 titles in a single auction, instead of 4 separate auctions.

Video format: VHS, NTSC
Audio format: Hi-fi (FM) stereo tracks, Linear stereo tracks Dolby B encoded

As these tapes were part of a private library collection, extra measures were taken to provide the most secure and safe storage conditions for these tapes. Clear tough library cases with full sleeves were purchased extra by the owner to fully protect these tapes from exposure to dust and other contaminants during storage and handling. These clear library cases are included for all tapes in this sale. See item photo.

All tapes were used only on one privately owned high-end video cassette recorder with a properly functioning, maintained and cleaned tape transport for maximum protection of the actual video tape during playback. Both titles were probably played not more than a few times, and never loaned out to any other person for use.

No incidences of tape operation accidents, spillage or damage has ever occured during the use of these tapes, to the best of knowledge. Tape condition is mint. Tape edges are mint and not damaged or scalloped in anyway. Note that poorly maintained or balanced VCR transports can cause tape edge damage and any damage to the lower edge of the tape will affect the tape's tracking signal causing playback problems and other instabilities.

* Tapes are genuine release original copies.
* Stored in cool, low humidity environment away from heat, sunlight or smoke
* Carefully handled with clean hands
* Tapes always returned to case immediately upon removal from VCR, stored fully rewound
* Tapes always placed vertically
* Tapes when outside of box is never placed flat with exposed tape access holes against any surface (e.g. table / carpet) to avoid dust contamination.
* The original paper cardboard box has been inserted into the clear sleeve of the hard library case

This is a sale of a set of four original copies of NTSC VHS video tape, sold as is, in above described condition, without further warranty. No returns or refunds.