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Delicatessen, Laserdisc (12 inch), NTSC format
Near mint condition

Screenplay by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Gilles Adrien, Marc Caro, starring Dominique Pinon and Marie Laure Dougnac. France, 1991, Miramax Films.

This genuine original Laserdisc title is now out of print and availability is rare. The jacket surfaces and disc surfaces are in near mint condition, very much free of finger prints and other contamination, and will withstand close scrutiny even under a bright light. If acquiring an original copy in the best possible condition of this video title is your goal, then this particular copy of this Laserdisc is strongly worthy of your consideration.

Media format: Laserdisc, 12 inch, NTSC
Laserdisc format: Constant angular velocity (CAV)
Audio format: Digital, and analogue CX noise reduction encoded audio tracks
Audio tracks: Stereo
Primary dialogue language: French
Subtitles: English, with closed caption
Running time: 95 minutes, colour

* Laserdisc jacket - clean, near mint to mint condition, very minor and small top right corner crease on front side
* Laserdisc surface condition -  near mint condition, not a rental copy
* Laserdisc has been test played to verify playback quality meets normal Laserdisc reproduction standards.
* Laserdisc always returned to protective sleeve immediately upon removal from player
* Laserdisc always stored vertically
* Stored in cool, low humidity environment away from heat, sunlight or smoke
* Carefully handled with clean hands

This Laserdisc is being sold as is, in above described condition.

This is a sale of one original copy of NTSC format 12 inch Laserdisc, sold as is, in above described condition, without further warranty. All sales are final. No returns or refunds.