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Sony D2S-6M, D2-format professional digital video cassette blank tape, Sony bulk pack

Lot of ten (10) pieces -

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Genuine original new, virgin condition shrink wrapped Sony bulk pack of a lot of ten (10) pieces of Sony D2S-6M D2-format professional digital video cassette blank tape, in Sony D2 small cassette form factor. This bulk pack of 10 tapes consists of the D2S-6M cassette only, without library case or labels. The D2S-6M video cassette provides 6 minutes of recording time.

This lot of ten (10) pieces of this item will be sold as a single lot only.

* Cassette: New, immaculate original bulk pack shrink wrapped condition, never used or inserted into any video deck
* Stored in cool, low humidity environment away from heat, sunlight or smoke
* Tapes always stored vertically, on spine / edge side
* Carefully handled with clean hands

This is a sale of one lot of ten (10) pieces of Sony D-2 format small form factor video cassette tapes, sold as is, in above described condition, without further warranty or liability. All sales final. No returns or refunds.