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Western Digital AC-12100 E-IDE hard disc drive logic board
Near mint / Immaculate condition

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Genuine original Western Digital AC-12100 E-IDE hard disc drive logic board, originally removed from a fully functional hard disc drive unit of the above model number. This logic board is ideal for original parts replacement for this Western Digital 2.1 GB single platter storage unit for scenarios such as when there are physical damages or electrical malfunction of another hard disc drive of the same model. The electrical interface on the rear side of this logic board conforms to the E-IDE drive interface standards.

This is a sale of a hard disc drive logic board. Made in USA.

* Cosmetic - near mint / immaculate condition, clean, very much dust free
* Electrical - fully functional, at the time of removal from original hard disc

* Original logic board foam padding sheet
* One original jumper set in the master drive position is included on the jumper pins at the back side of the hard disc drive, as originally supplied by Western Digital during the delivery of this hard disc drive.
* Technical documentation on this hard disc drive may be available from the seller, subject to availability of this information at the time of purchase by the buyer of this item and at the discretion of the seller.

Original logic board mounting screws on the hard disc drive unit with which this logic board is being replaced is required for mounting of this logic board during replacement. These mounting screws are not part of this sale. Basic electronics assembly skills and precautions are required. Buyer is responsible for the application of these skills during installation of this replacement part.

This is a sale of a pre-owned near mint condition hard disc drive logic board, sold as is in above described condition, without further warranty or liability. Buyer is fully responsible for determination of compatibility between this replacement logic board and the hard disc drive to be installed on. All sales are final. No returns.