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Akai GX-F95 cassette deck, erase head back tension post & pad assembly, VERY RARE
New condition, made in Japan, q
uantity of ONE (1) piece

This is a genuine original Akai GX-F95 cassette deck erase head back tension post & pad assembly. This tension post is located above the erase head at the GX-F95 head block area. In concert with the spring loaded pivoting erase head, generates controlled tape tension in the segment of tape between the erase head tension post and the capstan shaft, resulting in the required tape tension to achieve proper head contact for the Super-GX record and playback heads in the centre well of the cassette shell.

The erase head tension pad post is a critical and integral component of the tape path control components on the GX-F95 transport, as it affects tape tension and thus effective tape to head azimuth alignment due to tape tension, as well as from the tension pad post alignment itself. This erase head tension pad post assembly is compatible only with the transport on the Akai GX-F95 cassette deck, and consists of a plastic tension post structure with a self-adhesive felt pad strip factory attached to the lower side of the tension post - see left portion of item photo which shows the underside of this narrow felt strip in beige colour.

This part is useful for direct original manufacturer's part replacement for the Akai GX-F95 erase head tension pad post assembly when the existing part's felt pad on the underside of the tension post is worn, badly contaminated or have become completely detached, resulting in little or incorrect tape tension, as well as loss of correct tape to head azimuth alignment. This operating condition can be conducive to one or more of the following transport problems:

* Loss of necessary tape tension for proper tape contact, especially with the record head, which is often outside of the cassette shell head pad area and depends highly on tape tension for proper contact during recording.
* Loss of correct tape to head alignment, resulting in recorded tapes with incorrect azimuth alignment, or improper effective playback azimuth alignment - even though the heads are not moved, the alignment of the tape against the head changes with incorrect back tension, and thus introducing azimuth alignment error.
* Permanent physical damage of tape, such as tape edge scalloping due to low tape tension, causing the tape to wander off its intended path and its edges rubbing hard against the tape guides, causing permanent damage to the tape edge(s) and possible loss of left channel signal quality, since the left channel is located next to the tape edge.

The existing plastic erase head back tension post can also be bent out of shape or snapped off (typically during removal of the cassette from the transport if the cassette door is not fully open yet), as it is quite delicate. If the tension post is bent even on a minute level, correct azimuth alignment can be destroyed and will first require the tension pad post to be replaced and the deck's azimuth alignment and head height to be completely rechecked and realigned since each tension post is aligned slightly differently on a microscopic level. This tape to head alignment issue is not often considered in most service situations for this transport module. This issue also applies to all other Akai decks using an erase head back tension pad post, including GX-M50, GX-F80 and GX-F90, even though this replacement part in this item listing is for the GX-F95 only.

The proper installation of this erase head back tension pad post requires three original mounting screws from the deck on which the tension post assembly is to be replaced. These screws are not included in this sale.

This part has long been discontinued, is no longer available, and availability is extremely rare.

* New condition - never used or mounted

This is a sale of a new original manufacturer's audio equipment replacement part, and is sold as is in above described condition, without further warranty, liability or technical support. All sales are final. No returns, no refunds, no exceptions.