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Genuine original Akai GX-R88 / GX-R99 reel drive rubber idler assembly. Made in Japan
Quantity of ONE (1) piece

This is a genuine original Akai GX-R88 / GX-R99 cassette deck reel drive rubber idler replacement part. This idler assembly is compatible only with the advanced transport modules on the Akai GX-R88 and GX-R99 3-head, 4-motor dual capstan drive dual direct drive bi-directional cassette deck transports only.

This part is useful for direct original manufacturer's part replacement for the Akai GX-R88 / GX-R99 reel idler assembly when the existing idler is worn, badly contaminated or hardened with extended use over time, resulting in unstable or uneven or weak or non-existent reel drive torque, thus endangering cassette tapes used in the deck. Poor reel drive torque is the frequent cause of one or more of the following transport problems:

* Pre-mature or random stopping of tape transport due to weak or improper reel table winding
* Tape jams / damages due to tape spillage from the cassette shell due to improper winding of take up reel
* Slow fast wind (Fast forward / Rewind) action due to weak reel drive torque
* Contamination of reel table rim drive surfaces from worn or flaking reel idler rubber surface due to idler slippage
* Unstable or incorrect tape speed
* Tape vibration from idler slippage translating into physical flutter on travelling tape

This part has long been discontinued, is no longer available, and availability is extremely rare.

* New condition - never used