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Akai PRO-2 packaged component system, original poster
brochure (Vintage Akai series)

Genuine original Akai PRO-2 packaged hi-fi component system poster brochure. This poster folds out from 4 folded sheets into a full size of 1 foot 10 inches tall and 1 foot 5 inches wide, and has one large size photo of the PRO-2 system on the front side, and individual components features and basic specifications description on the back side.

This extremely rare poster brochure is out of print and no longer available. Since the Akai equipment in the PRO-2 system were introduced in late 1970s, this poster is approximately more than 25 years old. Perfect for adding to a brochure collector's archives.

This is a 4 folded sheet 8 page colour poster brochure. Printed in Japan..

The Akai PRO-2 packaged audio component system consists of the following individual Akai audio components, many of which also have corresponding individual original equipment brochures listed within Brochure World. Please search at Brochure World for such brochures:

* Akai AP-100C belt-drive semi-automatic turntable
* Akai GXC-709D 2-head, 1-motor cassette deck
* AT-2400 tuner
* AM-2400 integrated amplifier
* SW-157 Mark II-S speakers
* RV-200 audio rack

* Very good condition in general, with exception of blemishes detailed below
* Folds and creases - minor across all folded pages, this originally folded poster has fold marks (See item photo below)
* Blemishes - there are three areas of this poster's front side with the top layer of the printed paper sheered off, due to removal of stickers. A small sheered area is quite unnoticeable, and the other two medium and large sized sheered areas are more noticeable. The large sheered area is just on the top of the speaker in the poster photo (see item photo below - the white area above the speaker). There are no such blemishes on the back side of this poster's contents. This poster has no holes. In consideration of these blemishes, the pricing of this poster brochure has been somewhat reduced from its originally assessed value.
* Markings - very minor handwriting