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Akai GXC-570D Compact Cassette tape deck, original brochure

Genuine original Akai GXC-570D 3-head, 3-motor (with two direct drive reel motors) dual capstan belt drive Compact Cassette deck brochure. This printed publication covers this once flagship product of Akai, and contains detailed design and features description, with full specifications listing of this product model.

This very rare brochure is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's product publication, sold as is, in described condition below. Perfect for adding to a brochure collector's archives.

This is a 3 sheet 6 page colour pre-sale product information brochure. Printed in Japan.

This publication includes, but may not be limited to, the following major topics on this product:
* Akai GX Glass and Crystal Ferrite combination recording and playback head assembly design
* Tape transport head block layout comparision with other 3-head dual capstan cassette decks.
* Capstan motor
* Closed loop dual capstan drive
* System features and automation
* Akai ADR automatic distortion reduction dynamic recording equalization circuitry
* Full specifications listing
* Remote control accessories

* Near mint condition
* Folds and creases - very minor across all sheets
* Markings - none
* Carefully handled with clean hands and gentle page flipping / turning when possible