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Akai GX-95 Mark II / GX-75 Mark II cassette deck, cassette door assembly, VERY RARE
Mint condition / Made in Japan

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Genuine original
Akai GX-95 Mark II / GX-75 Mark II cassette deck cassette compartment door assembly replacement part. This compartment door has the following legend imprinted on the front side surface:


There is a gold coloured embossed metallic plate of the Akai Super-GX head logo at the bottom near the left lower corner of the door, and four small allen key cosmetic decorations near the four corners of the door. See item photo below. This part is useful for direct original manufacturer's part replacement for the Akai GX-95 / GX-75 cassette compartment door assembly when the existing door is lost, broken (especially the rear locking latches) or cosmetically damaged with extended use over time. This door may be easily installed by the user / operator of the cassette deck without assistance from a service professional.

This part was originally ordered and purchased directly from Akai Japan's parts department, when Akai's stock of this replacement part ran low. The original cost of this part was very expensive, including the costs of shipping and handling incurred by the original owner. This part is especially useful for complete cosmetic restoration of an existing compatible Akai cassette deck whose cassette door may have become damaged or defaced.

This part has long been discontinued, is no longer available, and availability of a mint condition piece is extremely rare.

Although this part was originally designed for the Akai GX-95 Mark II and GX-75 Mark II cassette decks, it is also physically compatible with all of the following Akai cassette deck models. These models uses the same physical cassette door, with the exception of different legends (lettering / text) imprinted on the front surface which may not directly match the actual features of the deck on which this cassette door is compatible with. In these cases, it is inconsequential since it is only a cosmetic text issue.

Cassette deck models for direct exact cosmetic replacement for cassette door:

* Akai GX-95 Mark II, 3-head, 3-motor dual capstan direct drive cassette deck, with rosewood panels
* Akai GX-75 Mark II, 3-head, 3-motor dual capstan direct drive cassette deck

Cassette deck models which works with this cassette door but door legend is not same as original door legend text:
* Akai GX-95, 3-discrete heads, 3-motor dual capstan direct drive cassette deck, with rosewood panels
* Akai GX-75, 3-discrete heads, 3-motor dual capstan direct drive cassette deck
* A & D / Akai & Diatone (Mitsubishi) GX-Z9100EV 3-discrete head, 3-motor dual capstan quartz locked direct drive cassette deck, with rosewood panels (This model available in domestic Japanese market only)
* A & D / Akai & Diatone (Mitsubishi) GX-Z7100EV 3-discrete head, 3-motor dual capstan quartz locked direct drive cassette deck (This model available in domestic Japanese market only)

Total compatible product models for this cassette door: SIX models

* Mint condition
* All four rear side locking latches intact and in excellent order
* Overall very clean

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