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Akai GX-F91 Compact Cassette deck, owner's instruction manual, reproduction
English language edition

Akai GX-F91 high end Compact Cassette deck  This manual is essential for operators of this highly complex Compact Cassette deck for complete programming and operating instructions. This publication includes full specifications listing for this unit.

This rare manual is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of amanufacturer's product technical publication, sold as is, in a content format as described below. Perfect for owner's of this high end Compact Cassette deck who require such a manual to fully utilize the capabilities of this unit.

This is a 18 page / 9 sheet (including all covers) manual with 17 pages of content. Originally printed in Japan.

This publication in electronic format, includes (but may not be limited to) the following major topics:

* Electrical compliance & safety precautions
* Front and rear panel controls and connections descriptions
* Reference and recommended tape formulations
* Audio connections diagrams
* Recording procedure
* Auto tape tuning procedures
* Auto tape tuning memory management
* Audio level display operation and intepretation
* Record equalization compensated meter mode
* Playback procedure
* System automation functions
* Head block area maintenance
* Troubleshooting guide
* Specifications, complete
* Included accessories list

* Delivery format - Loose sheets, double sided printing, letter size (8.5 inch by 11 inch)
* Print quality - Excellent to superb, highly legible by readers with normal acceptable reading vision and/or corrective reading lenses as necessary