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Akai GX-F90 / GX-F95 cassette deck, reel hub table, RARE
Quantity of ONE (1) piece

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Genuine original
Akai GX-F90 and GX-F95 cassette deck reel hub tables. Made in Japan

This reel hub table is compatible with the Akai GX-F90 and GX-F95 transport modules, was removed from a fully functional Akai cassette deck that was receiving special modification. This reel hub table is an advanced spring clutched design used exclusively only on Akai's high end cassette decks GX-F90 and GX-F95, and employed dual springs - one for the reel hub and one for the rear drive clutch.

This part is useful for direct original manufacturer's part replacement for these two Akai cassette deck models if the reel tables on these decks are damaged or worn, such as in one or more of the following scenarios:

* Worn, highly slipping or jammed reel table slip clutch, resulting in uneven winding torque or reel drive noise.
* Damaged or displaced reel hub springs, resulting in reel hub engagement failure with the cassette hubs

The proper installation of this pair of reel table hubs requires the original reel hub stopper cap and associated washer from the deck in which these reel hub tables are being installed. These parts are not included in this sale.

This part has long been discontinued, is no longer available, and is extremely rare.

* Excellent condition in general
* Fully functional normally at time of removal from original equipment
* Clean and very much oil-and-grease-free condition
* All surfaces carefully cleaned prior to storage
* Some scratch marks on the rear rim drive surface of one of the two reel tables, has not affected performance at the time these parts were in use

* Reel table hubs, one piece, for Akai GX-F90 and GX-F95 cassette decks

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