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Akai GX-F91 cassette deck, custom fabricated right hand side rack mount bracket
Near mint condition. Quantity of ONE (1) piece

This is a special custom designed and fabricated, truly one of a kind single-piece solid aluminum mounting bracket made specifically and strictly only for the Akai GX-F91 high end audiophile cassette deck, to enable the GX-F91 cassette deck to be mounted using very specific Akai proprietary rack mounting hardware and specific compatible Akai audio racks only. This item was custom designed by a private owner of an Akai GX-F91 specifically for this purpose. This unique right hand side mounting bracket substitutes for the stock unit of the MH-2 right hand side mounting bracket, and thereby enables the Akai GX-F91 cassette deck to be mount via the Akai MH-2 metal rack mount handle set while allowing full unimpeded operation of the GX-F91 deck's motorized front panel control door, which cannot open properly when used with stock unit brackets included with the Akai MH-2 metal mounting handles, due to blockage of the Akai GX-F91's motorized front panel control door by the stock unit MH-2 handle itself as well as its own metal bracket.

This custom fabricated right hand side Akai MH-2 mounting bracket substitute, machined out of a solid block of aluminum, weighs a heavy 150 grams plus, or nearly three times the weight of the stock unit Akai MH-2 mounting bracket which is approximately 55 grams in weight. The main body of this mounting bracket measures about 4 mm thick aluminum, or about twice the thickness of the stock unit Akai MH-2 mounting bracket. The custom fabricated bracket's four mounting holes align precisely with that on the Akai MH-2 metal handle and the mounting holes on the Akai GX-F91's right side casing surface. This bracket consists of two sunken / recessed mounting holes for acceptance of original Akai MH series metal handle mounting screws to attach the mounting bracket to the right hand side of the Akai GX-F91 cassette deck. See item photo below for illustration of mounting holes.

All original mounting screws supplied with the Akai MH-2 metal mounting handles are fully compatible with this custom fabricated mounting bracket.

The price of this custom fabricated bracket represents the cost of materials and more importantly, the number of man-hours invested in designing, drafting, professional cutting, machining and polishing of the basic solid aluminum body of this bracket, as well as a separate costly process of black anodizing for a smooth, professional black matted surface finish. No cost or quality was spared in the custom fabrication of this critical piece of mounting hardware which enabled the Akai GX-F91 cassette deck to be rack mountable to realize full unimpeded operation of the motorized front panel control door.

For owners of the high end Akai GX-F91 cassette deck that also possess the necessary mounting hardware and compatible audio racks, this bracket will add the final touch of realizing rack mounting for this uniquely stylish cassette deck, which needs no further explanation to such owners.

The meaningful and successful use of this custom fabricated mounting bracket requires precisely the following combination of Akai equipment and Akai accessories:

* Akai GX-F91 or GX-F91B (black finish) Compact Cassette decks
* Akai MH-2 metal rack mount handle set
* One of the following Akai audio racks that are compatible with the Akai MH series metal mounting handles:
      * Akai RM-55 audio rack
      * Akai RM-60B audio rack
      * Akai RM-61 audio rack
      * Any other Akai audio racks designed for Akai MH series metal mounting handles

* Near mint condition - Minimal scuff or scratch marks on black anodized aluminum surface. Some minor wear marks on recessed area of screw mounting hole perimeter, from prior use for mounting of the Akai GX-F91 cassette deck

This is a sale of a custom manufactured audio equipment mounting accessory, sold as is in above described condition, without further warranty or liability. All sales are final. No returns or refunds.