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Akai Electric Co. Ltd., envelope stationary, UNMARKED

Quantity of ONE (1) piece

Genuine original Akai envelope stationary on amber paper stock, with rear flap tie string and dual anchors, unmarked. This envelope measures about 9 3/4 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches tall. The return address printed on the top left corner of this envelope was Akai's general post office box address at Tokyo Airport, Japan.

This very rare stationary item is out of print and no longer available. This is a sale of an original manufacturer's official stationary item, sold as is, in described condition below. Perfect for Akai enthusiasts, collectors and completists interested in acquiring this company's genuine original printed items.

This is an envelope stationary. Printed in Japan.

* Excellent to near mint condition in general, with exception of blemishes noted below.
* A single full height vertical fold mark at middle of width of this envelope. (See item photo below)
* All surfaces, front and back, are clean, unmarked.
* Loop tie string and tie anchors on rear side are in mint condition